NaaS — Nodes-as-a-Service — Alternatives to Strongblock in January 2022 — Part 2

Bruno de Oliveira Júlio
2 min readFeb 1, 2022

My incursion into Crypto investing increased a lot during 2021. The so-called year of Web 3.0 and Defi 2.0 brought plenty of innovative new projects with sophisticated Tokenomics, meme projects, and decentralized organizations, but also rug pulls and failed experiments. I’ve lost money in some projects and I earned it in others.

As a curious into this space, I came across the Stronblock project in August, maybe a bit late already, but still on time to get in. I bought my first 2 nodes in September, after scrambling to put together the necessary amount of cash. After that, I’ve let it compound and I also took some money out in the middle to cover my initial investment.

Starting 2022 I was looking for similar projects to invest in, in order to decrease my risk and learn more about other blockchains. The summary below in Google Drive is the result of a list that was compiled between different projects and help me decide where to put money next. I continue to update the information on this comparison table.

ProjectX is currently the project that gives the fastest return on your investment with 59 days needed. This is in token amount, not on the value of each token, this means that you can be buying at a high price and when you arrive to the end of the 59 days that might be lower already.

In terms of reputation, Strongblock is still king because it has a fully doxxed team, their CEO has weekly AMA’s with the community and it’s a project that has been around for more than a year now… it’s old in the crypto world.

The most recent projects have around 2 months live (Thor, Power Nodes just to name a few), and are driven mostly by the learnings taken from the Ring Financial scandal in late November 2021, a project that lacked experienced people, the team wasn’t doxxed and had a lot of back and forth decisions, severely damaging credibility.

I’m not a financial adviser and this article reflects only my personal experience and it’s written for entertainment purposes only.



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